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Minimal disturbance rigs in action

Video Published: 27 Jul 2012

The Australia Pacific LNG Project is using the only minimal disturbance hybrid coil tubing drilling rigs in Australia.

Knitting Nannas lock Parliament House in CSG protest

Story Published: 21 Jun 2013

MARNY Bonner is not going to forget her first trip to Parliament House in a hurry.

Arrow releases report into potential Bowen project risks

Story Published: 13 Mar 2013

IT COULD be the calm before the storm for coal-seam-gas goliath Arrow Energy, as anti-CSG forces take stock of plans to...

Experts sink industry explanations for rising gas prices

Story Published: 25 Feb 2014

CLAIMS developing the gas industry is needed to drive down gas prices has been hotly contested by the Australia Institute...

Stop laughing! Metgasco refers teen's April 1 prank to ASIC

Story Published: 3 Apr 2014

FINALLY, in case there was any doubt, the author of the fake Metgasco press release has issued a statement spelling out...

Call for reforms to stop the expansion of CSG

Story Published: 21 Aug 2013

THE next Federal Government should pass laws making it illegal to mine coal seam gas on food producing land, a left-wing...

Leo Sayer sings: no fracking way to pro CSG debate

Story Published: 30 Dec 2013

VETERAN British-born rocker Leo Sayer has thrown his cultural cache behind the anti-coal seam gas movement with the release...

CSG protesters labelled 'irresponsible' after scaling tower

Story Published: 11 Jul 2013

GAS plant owners QGC have described the actions of anti-coal seam gas campaigners as “irresponsible” after they scaled a...

Page MP "disappointed" at Metgasco's return

Story Published: 2 Oct 2013

NEW Page MP Kevin Hogan says he is "exceptionally disappointed" at Metgasco's decision to return to the Northern Rivers.

CSG could create 20,000 jobs in Qld

Story Published: 3 Sep 2012

QUEENSLANDERS could wave goodbye to thousands of jobs and billions of dollars if the state does not embrace coal seam gas...


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