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Gary Newell speaking about taxi waiting times in Darra. Photo: Inga Williams / The Satellite
Gary Newell speaking about taxi waiting times in Darra. Photo: Inga Williams / The Satellite Inga Williams

THREE south-west suburbs have been identified in a list of Brisbane's worst spots to catch a taxi.

Darra ranked number one, while Inala and Redbank Plains were named as the fourth and sixth hardest places to grab a cab, according to taxi booking app goCatch.

GoCatch cofounder Andrew Campbell said it was not surprising to see that the list of 10 was mostly filled with remote and less densely populated areas.

"The residents of suburbs such as Darra...are all too familiar with the difficulty of catching a cab," he said.

"Unfortunately for the people of these areas, taxi drivers are running a business.

"Drivers need to stick to more populated inner city areas where regular passengers are guaranteed.

"More often than not, a taxi driver who takes a passenger to a remote area will drive an empty cab back into the city - a return trip that is entirely unprofitable."

Darra resident Gary Newell said he could wait up to an hour after calling a taxi.

"There are no cabs around here," he said. "It's quicker to catch the bus now."

Long-time Inala resident Kevin Vieritz, who needs to catch a taxi each day, said he could also wait up to an hour on certain days.

"Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays are the worst because they aren't pension days so no one has any money and taxi drivers know that," he said.

However over at Redbank Plains, residents argued the wait wasn't long.

Sean Redward was one of a number of residents who told The Satellite taxi waiting times were nothing to complain about.

"The wait is only about 15 minutes on average," he said.

Yellow Cabs general manager Bill Parker claimed the goCatch data was "misleading".

He said there were no complaints about services in the south-west areas.

"I'm not aware of an hour delay in Darra and honestly I find that hard to believe," he said.

"The (taxi) industry does have its peaks and troughs though and we only have 1000 cabs servicing Brisbane.

"On pension day Thursday if 2000 people call for a taxi somebody will have to wait.

"But invariably we endeavour to get to 100% of customers in less than 20 minutes."

Mr Parker said Yellow Cabs urged customers to give service delivery feedback by visiting their website

The Satellite contacted Black & White Cabs but did not receive a response in time for print.

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