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Bailey Anderson with Lucky at the RSPCA where they are having a cat sale. Photo Inga Williams / The Satellite

Cats need new home

HUNDREDS of cute, fluffy cats are looking for new homes after being surrendered to the RSPCA.

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Generosity is all packed up

VOLUNTEERS from Inala’s Project Love and Care have had some extra help in packing their care packages, with members from the Brisbane Kiwanis group stopping by.

  • Ashleigh Howarth

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GAMBLING: Pokies. Photo: Max Fleet / NewsMail

Pokie machines pumped hard in regional areas

REGIONALS areas are funnelling huge sums of cash into poker machines, with Queensland’s resource-rich towns pumping the equivalent of more than $550 per person into the games over the past 12 months.

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a dumb boring waste of money yet the suckers continue to pour their hard earned cash (and welfare payments in some cases) into them. more money than sense, some people.

Judge-Mental from Riverview


A couple of retirees relaxing and catching a tan at Kawana Photo: Brett Wortman / Sunshine Coast Daily

Retirement uncertainty leaves business owner in limbo

HAVING the security of owning a business has done little to quell the fear John Mack holds for life after retirement.

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Absolutely right on, Robert. Anyone half serious about getting a decent return on their money wouldn't touch retail super funds with a bargepole. Unfortunately, as you say most people are like sheep -- and they actually believe the lies dished out by...

rocketeer from Bongeen

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